BQ Twin Pro Overview: A representative classic available to everyone


It's been a long time since we've seen any new models of classic smartphones: under classic I mean the devices which are the least influenced by modern trends  - you know, notorious display cut-outs, narrow elongated cases, hyper large format screens and so on. BQ Twin Pro is a classic of the budget segment, although it does not look like a cheap smartphone. What does it stand for? Read in our review.


Appearance and display: Imposing and fair-priced


Usually, one look is enough to understand what price category the device belongs to. With BQ Twin Pro such a trick won't work: the gadget has a low price, but looks much more expensive. The case, made with high quality plastic, is meant to remind metal, the back cover is decorated with a corrugated strip, which gives a model certain charm.


The manufacturer has perfectly constructed as well appearances as details. For example, the fluting of the power button is not only convenient (you do not confuse the buttons while touching), but also adds extra elegance to design. Soft illumination of touch keys looks very accurate. Indeed, they are not digital, but very much capacitive, also they are placed on the panel under the display, as in the old good 2014. Above the screen, there is a two-color LED-indicator of notifications. The only thing to get tired of - is the location of the fingerprint sensor. It is placed under the camera module, close enough to get your finger on the glass of the auxiliary lens while unlocking the screen.


Performance and memory: for basic tasks with a high level of redundancy


We see, as it is often said, an exceptional case - a smartphone with 4 GB of RAM in the budget segment. By the way, this is one of the key features that distinguishes this smartphone from the younger model of BQ Twin, where user may have only 2 GB of RAP. Pro-version will work with a larger amount of data without overloading from memory. Ten tabs in the browser, "bell", Google Play, messenger, settings, and casual toy - all this was launched simultaneously, and only the game began to "knock out" the data from the operational storage.


32 GB of permanent memory, 24.55 GB of which are available to use. The storage can be extended by plaguing a memory card with the capacity up to 32 GB. It's nice to know that there's a separate compartment in the slot with springing mechanism, so there's nothing to stop you from using two SIM cards simultaneously with the microSD.


Instead of the expected budget quad-core, the BQ Twin Pro is equipped with MediaTek 6750T with a processor speed of up to 1.5 GHz. In AnTuTu the device beats almost 57000 "parrots". In general, it's enough to play more advanced games, for example World of Tanks with the minimum functions requires 30-40 fps without any difficulties and any friezes.

But still, the device is designed to work with a large number of unnecessary applications, such as social networks and messengers. This is facilitated by the split-screen mode, which is integrated into OS level, despite of the format 16:9. Let's say, you can as well work as read 4PDA.