But smooching speaks a different sensibility than intercourse, explains Holly Richmond, PhD, psychologist and certified sex therapist.

“Kissing says, ‘I want to play with you and spend time with you. We’re taking our time and not just moving towards the goal of having an orgasm.’ It tells your partner you’re into them,” says Richmond.

So, why not pucker up and get back to the basics? Try out these 12 types of kisses to prove that making out is le best for showing affection, communicating intimacy, and being hot AF foreplay.

Royal Hand Kiss

A person kissing the top of another’s offered hand is the most formal of kisses. The traditional ritual doesn’t imply affection—it's more a polite and respectful greeting among strangers meeting for the first time.

Air Kiss

Air-kissing is a social gesture that involves pursing your lips and leaning in as if you’re kissing, but without actually touching the other person’s cheek (the little “mwah” sound is optional). It can be a hello or a goodbye and communicates endearment—like, something you may do with a friend or family member when you're saying goodbye.