How to Choose the Right Football Boots in 3 steps

Before you even begin to think about what colour or brand of boot you're looking for, have a think about what surface you're going to be playing the majority of your matches on. Wearing the wrong boots on the wrong surface can render them completely useless, or even worse, risk serious injury.

If your game is largely based around speed, you'll want to look for a lightweight pair of boots made from a synthetic material. But if you're a hard-tackling defender or you're playing in the heart of midfield, you might want to look at a pair that use natural leather because they offer more protection.

That being said, it largely comes down to personal preference; though if you have particularly wide feet you'll find a leather pair will adjust & become more comfortable as you wear them. Picking the correct size of a synthetic boot right out of the box is much more important.

The attacking superstars of the game such as: Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar Jr & Mo Salah all wear synthetic boots. You'll spot leather ones on the likes of more industrious players like: Toni Kroos, Nemanja Matic & Jordi Alba.