The Four Seasons George V Hotel is "an integral part of Paris", as the guides say. And this is the absolute truth. Without this building, located in the heart of the "golden triangle" of the French capital (Champs-Elysées, Avenue Marceau and Avenue Montaigne), the atmosphere of the city would be incomplete. It's not only the famous and not very guests of the hotel but also the restaurants that are located on its territory. Stellar - in the sense of Michelin - establishments in no small measure form the face, style, and class of Paris. 


Opened less than a year ago, Le George declares the simplicity of the kitchen with a general elegance of style that fits perfectly into the hotel's classics. The small size of the hall overlooks the Four Seasons Hotel George V's courtyard with all five windows. Natural light combined with black window frames and grey curtains creates a sense of restraint and lightness in the restaurant. However, Le George's high style is not occupied, just look at the ceiling and walls. The overall tone of the center of the hall sets the chandelier Baccarat more than two and a half meters in height. The walls are decorated with panels and leather, and in the interior, there are also chairs upholstered with velvet, sconces, and leather armchairs from the pre-war era.

 As for the cuisine itself, Le George is a place of Mediterranean traditions. Le Cinq's chef Christian Le Scour, who has three Michelin stars, oversees the hotel's restaurants and cafes. With his active participation, Le George has acquired a modern menu-based, however, on gastronomic traditions existing in that part of Europe between the north of Italy and the French Riviera. The menu suggests ordering half of the portions, which allows guests to try as many dishes as possible. The choice in Le George is fantastic, and the names, as well as it is necessary in institutions of such level, sound as the music of spheres: Breton risotto with lobster, Tortelli with ricotta cheese, lemon and fresh mint, grilled shrimps with citrus juice and mustard sauce, caramelized John Dory fish with veal juice, fried sea bass with shellfish juice and semi-confit apple with ginger, mascarpone cream, and ice cream.

 For those who are ready to arrange this gastronomic splendor with wine, the sommelier will offer and recommend French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese wines from a collection of more than six hundred bottles. There is something to choose from.

 If you dream of working at Le Cinq, be prepared for the unexpected question "Can you read minds? If you don't want to cut yourself off at this stage of the questionnaire, don't say you don't know how to do it. However, if you lie, then, even after some miracle, you will fly out quite quickly. The thoughts of customers in Le Cinq really need to be able to read. The staff that works in the institution, this craft seems to own, in perfection.


High cuisine is a clouded service, everything is understandable. As for the menu, Le Cinq is a synthesis of French classical cuisine with new light dishes. Variability is amazing - the client can choose any dish according to the menu, order a fixed menu or powder, giving good to the gourmet menu. The latter includes as many as nine dishes. There are also children's and women's menus. Female, as it should be, without prices.


Chicken from Bress, marinated red tuna tartar with caviar sauce and green apple juice, rabbit fillet with goose liver in red wine, wild salmon from the Adour region with garden herbs, citrus jelly, peas, and river weed mousse - the list is long and unimaginably beautiful. However, Le Cinq's beautiful words do not diverge from the case, as evidenced by the three Michelin stars. The first Michelin went to Le Cinq two months after its opening, the second to Le Cinq one year later, and the third to Le Cinq six months after the restart of the restaurant. This explains a lot, including the fact that Le Cinq is considered to be the best foie gras in Paris. O-la-la-la!