7 hybrid novelties of 2017


I wonder why there is such silence in the hybrid community? Electric cars are much more lively, although, like, hybrids on our streets are more common. Back to the topic.
Novate.Ru has published a list of 7 most interesting hybrid cars that we are waiting for next year.

1. Toyota Mirai
It is known that Toyota Mirai will use the engines much more powerful than all the other "hybrids", preparing to go out next year. Otherwise, the manufacturer promises a full set of advantages from a comfortable spacious cabin to a previously unseen functionality.

2. Volvo XC90 Hybrid
The previously announced hybrid Volvo XC90 Hybrid in 2017 promises to set a new safety standard. On the example of this car, the manufacturer is going to demonstrate what the most reliable car should look like. The fact is that in the Volvo XC90 Hybrid several fundamentally new mechanisms for protecting passengers and the driver were announced at once. Surprise promise, among other things, and the latest integrated navigation system.

3. BMW i3
In 2016, the hybrid BMW i3 was announced, which will hit the market very soon. The machine will please with its "advanced" technical characteristics and functionality. If you believe the official announcement, the BMW i3 will be able to boast a super comfortable interior. Auto will be a great choice for city trips.