How to refresh your make-up in the middle of the day


A lipstick that stays all day. A foundation that doesn't budge for 16+ hours. The concealer/shadow/eyeliner that doesn't settle into creases till you that take it off. Lies, all lies. In a weather like ours, even the most melt-proof, smudge resistant and budge-proof make-up can fall flat in its third hour of wear. Is there no hope at all? There is, with our clever touch up tricks:

Problem 1: Flaky, bleeding lipstick The stay all day lipstick is a myth. Unless you've sworn off talking or eating, even the most long lasting lipsticks will give way in the first few hours of application. The brighter the colour, the more you need to be prepared to touch it up. If it's simply an issue of the colour fading, take it all off and apply a thin layer of lip balm. Wait for a few seconds, blot off excess and reapply. But if you love your mattes and find your pout flaking mid-day, then you need to stock up on a lip scrub pronto. We love the Dior Sugar Scrub stick. It's super convenient, goes on like a lipstick, gently exfoliates with sugar grains and settles into a plush, balmy texture. Whatever you do, never ever layer a fresh coat on an existing one.


Problem 2: Concealer/eye shadow/kohl pencil settling into creases Make-up that loses path and trespasses into prohibited territory—like your creases, lines and wrinkles—is supremely annoying. Two words—Q-tips. Stash them in your handbag, desk drawer, party clutch, under your pillow, pockets if you have any… basically everywhere. They come in handy when you don't want to take it all off and start from scratch. Do you? Wet the surface and scoop the product that's settled into creases, dab a teeny bit of eye cream, let it sit for a few minutes and follow up with a fresh swipe. Set it with a powder and you're golden.


Problem 3: Melting foundation Repeat after us: primer is a foundation's best friend. No but really, wearing a full face of foundation requires solid commitment, one that requires you to pre-prep. As a rule, don't skip moisturiser and wait for five minutes before you apply primer, and then a few minutes before your foundation. If your base goes awry by noon, which, given this icky weather is a sure shot, keep a face mist handy and lightly spritz it all over your face—be sure to cover your eye make-up, you don't want to mess up everything. Tissue off excess and buff in more foundation. Voila!